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About Omnistory

Omnistory is an authoring tool that seeks to help journalists digest complex conflicts for their readers.
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You can easily visualize a complex conflict going on in the world. All you have to do is type.
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What Is Omnistory?

Omnistory is a timeline generating javascript embed tool that allows historians and journalists to present a series of events from multiple perspectives. The idea got it’s inspiration from a project called Timeline JS which is a timeline generator funded by Knight Labs. I wanted to develop a successor to this project to address the main component that it never directly addressed: Journalistic Bias.

Bias is hard to avoid when writing for even the most experienced writers; especially when trying to understand different groups’ perspectives on very complex conflicts. This project aims to provide a publishing structure capable of streamlining the process for writers to visualize complicated conflicts from multiple perspectives for their readers.


Let's Make A Timeline

Use our template to write the content for your timeline.

Copy Template

Publish your spreadsheet by following the screenshots below.

File -> Publish to the web
Click the blue "Publish" button and your data is published. You're going to need that link!

Provide the published link to your google spreadsheet and fill out the information about the different sides that you wrote about. After giving each side a name, description, and color, use the + to add it to the timeline. If you make a mistake click on the side on the right and click the -.

Generate Timeline

Grab this code generated for you and put it at the bottom of the page.

Then add a div with the id of omnistory and watch as your timeline loads before your eyes.

Embed Code
<script src="" id="omnistory-widget" height="100%" width="100%" Stakeholder_Names='["Rest of the World","Matt Newman"]' Stakeholder_Colors='["#f44336","#4caf50"]' data="" Stakeholder_Descriptions='["The rest of the world is essentially how I think a lot of people are thinking about these events in contrast to me.","This side represents my own opinion on these issues."]' preview="false"></script>